Terms & Conditions


“Parents/Guardians” means the parent or legal guardian making this application.

“Camp Agency” means The Uhak to which the Parents/Guardians are applying for providing educational programmes (“Seoul Youth Camp”) to the Student under this application.

“Camp” means educational programmes offered by The Uhak from 9 July to 22 July 2023 in South Korea.

“Student” means the child/children for whom Parents/Guardians are applying under this application.

“Camp Material” means the camp website and marketing and operational materials (but excluding Camp Policies and Rules) provided to Parents/Guardians.

Camp Agency Obligations

The Camp Agency undertakes to provide programmes in accordance with the Camp Material. The Camp Agency reserves the right to amend the Camp Material from time to time and any reference to the Camp Material herein is a reference to the most up-to-date Camp Material. The manner the Camp Agency provides programmes may be varied (acting reasonably). If required (as determined by the Camp Agency at its discretion), the Camp Agency may provide programmes by way of virtual learning, in accordance with the Camp Material. Nothing contained in the Camp Material binds the Camp Agency to any specific procedures or policies, and nothing in the Camp Materials creates an enforceable contractual obligation, express, implied, unilateral, or otherwise between Parents/Guardians and the Camp Agency.

Compliance with School Rules and Regulations

Parents/Guardians agree to: 

support and abide by the School’s stated philosophy, goals and objectives; 

comply with the Camp Agency Policies and Rules and regulations to the extent that they are notified and apply to the Parents/Guardians; and

ensure that the Student will comply with Camp Agency’s behavior policy/code of conduct and applicable rules and regulations. In the case of serious non-compliance with the Camp Agency rules and regulations, the Camp Agency reserves the right to suspend or expel the Student. In this event, the Camp Agency may decide, at its sole discretion, not to provide any refund or reduction of fees already paid or which are payable to the Camp Agency.

Camp Agency Policies and Rules (that are expressly identified as such) shall form part of these terms and conditions as if they were set out herein. The Camp Agency shall have the right to update the Camp Agency Policies and Rules from time to time. In case anything set out in Camp Agency Policies and Rules contradicts with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Approval from Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians agree that if any matter requires approval from the Parents/Guardians or notification to the Parents/Guardians, it will be sufficient for the Camp Agency to obtain approval from or notify one of the Parents/Guardians (as applicable).

Liability Waiver

Parents/Guardians agree that the Student attends the Camp at his/her own risk and that the Camp Agency is not liable in respect of any injury or liability that may occur to the Student whilst (i) attending the Camp Agency generally (or as the case may be, attending the School’s Virtual Schooling provision) , (ii) or participating in activities (organised by the Camp Agency and/or a third party), or (iii) the Student is using the School’s computers, except to the extent provided that the injury arises as a direct result of the gross negligence of the Camp Agency Under such circumstances, Parents/Guardians further release and agree to hold the Camp Agency harmless from, and indemnify the Camp Agency, its employees for, any liability arising in relation to and any damages or losses incurred by injuries sustained by the Student, including related expenses, costs and attorney’s fees. The Camp Agency will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Student’s personal belongings. Parents/Guardians acknowledge that there are other educational services that exist in the market and that the Camp Agency is not the sole establishment by which the Student can receive educational services.


The Camp Agency shall not be responsible in the case of items that are stolen or otherwise lost or missing including, without limitation, money, jewellery, computers and personal electronic devices, mobile phones and/or valuable objects. The Camp Agency has no responsibility for safe-keeping of personal effects of the Student or the Student’s parents.

Payment of Fees

Parents/Guardians confirm receipt of a copy of the fee schedule and associated terms and conditions of the Camp Agency (the “Schedule of Fees”), the terms of which are incorporated by reference herein, and agree that Parents/Guardians will adhere to the terms and conditions of the Schedule of Fees.

Parents/Guardians agree that all fees shall be paid in accordance with the Schedule of Fees. The School reserves the right to amend the Schedule of Fees from time to time and any reference to the Schedule of Fees herein refers to the most up-to-date Schedule of Fees.

The Camp Agency reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of any Student or not to accept a student into Seoul Youth Camp for any reason or for no reason at any time before all applicable fees have been paid in full.

In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and those set out in the Schedule of Fees, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

The Camp Agency does not accept payments from any sanctioned bank account listed and periodically updated on https://sanctionssearch.ofac.treas.gov, or payments originating from countries sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (currently including the Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria).

Withdrawal and refund of fees

Parents/Guardians agree to give the requisite notice as set out in the Schedule of Fees to the Camp Agency in advance prior to any withdrawal of the Student from the Camp.

In the event of withdrawal of the Student, the Camp Agency will only refund fees which the incorporated Schedule of Fees expressly specifies as refundable.

In the event of a refund of fees, the School will refund (by bank transfer) to the parent/guardian/company whose name appears in the payment document as payer of that year’s fees without obtaining prior approval from the Parent/Guardian. The Camp Agency will not wire or transfer refunded fees or other monies to another person or entity unless the parent/guidance/company whose name appears in the Camp Agency’s payment documents certifies in person and in writing that the refunded payments can be paid to another person or entity.

General statement regarding truth and accuracy

Parents/Guardians have legal custody of the Student who is applying to attend the Camp, or have the legal custodian’s consent. Parents/Guardians certify that all information contained in this application is complete and correct. Should it be determined that Parents/Guardians have provided materially incomplete or untruthful information to the Camp Agency, the Camp Agency may decide, at its sole discretion, to cancel the Student’s enrolment and not to provide any refund or reduction in fees already paid or which are payable to the Camp.

Medical Terms and Conditions

Parents/Guardians agree and guarantee that (i) all medical information disclosed to the Camp Agency is true and correct, and (ii) a timely update of all changes to medical and contact information will be provided to the Camp Agency.

Parents/Guardians consent to the processing of medical data relating to the Student.

Parents/Guardians authorize the Camp Agency and its designated medical care providers to supply medical care as needed for the Student, including but not limited to administration of allergy medications (such as Epi-Pens or diphenhydramine), bandages, over-the-counter medications, and other first-aid items or techniques. If, in the opinion of a properly licensed and practicing physician, the Student needs medical or surgical services which require parental authorization or consent, Parents/Guardians hereby authorize, appoint, and empower the Camp Agency to act as agent of the Parents/Guardians to furnish on behalf of the Parents/Guardians such oral or written authorization as may be so required.

Parents/Guardians release and agree to hold the Camp Agency harmless from and indemnify the Camp, its employees, and its agents for, any damages or losses incurred by, any liability or injury which may arise from the provision of such medical care, whether performed by the Camp agency, its employees, or its agents, or by any other health-care provider.

Privacy Policy

You understand and agree that the Camp Agency will need to collect and process the personal information and other information and materials of the Parents/Guardians and Students during its operation. The Camp Agency shall strictly protect the privacy and personal information of the Parents/Guardians and Students in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. By submitting a completed online application to the Camp Agency, it is considered that the Parents/Guardians agree with the Terms and Conditions of The Uhak.