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Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is the center of world-leading culture. The city is the perfect destination to experience modern and traditional cultural activities. While learning about the different aspect of Korean cultures, you will be able to broaden their horizons, develop sense of globalization, and extend their emotional well-beings. Our English-speaking staff will be just a call away to support their day activities.

Course Overview

  • Location: Seoul Metropolitan Area
  • Age Range: 12+
  • Program Fee: $850
  • Program Fee Covers:  Accommodation, Transportation, Guide Fee, Entrance Ticket, Meals, Shows
  • Exclusive: Flight Ticket, Visa, Pocket Money
  • English Speaking Staff Accompanied

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Single Bed

Public Shower

Bathroom & Shower
within the room

Private Locker

Available 24/7


International Seoul Youth Hostel

Namsan Mountain, Seoul, South Korea - See the location

  • Located in the heart of Seoul and on the edge of Namsan mountain, Seoul Youth Hostel provides great accessibility to the city attractions, clean rooms, and friendly services. The building was renovated recently and the hostel itself is owned by Seoul.
  • The place awarded The Best Youth Training Center Award (Most Excellent) for the year of 2017-2018, 2019-2020, and 2021-2022 by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

Dormitory Room

  • The dormitory room has a comfortable and independent space for each bed.
  • It is also equipped with a private locker with ample storage space, making it a suitable accommodation for the private travelers.
  • Gender separated dormitory (except for family)
  • Alcohol and smoking is prohibited in the dormitory


Namsan Tower

  • Namsan Fortress, known as the filming location of Korean movies and dramas such as "My Mister", "The King 2 Hearts", and "Architecture 101", boasts a night view of brightly lit metropolitan Seoul. Especially at sunset time, you can see a fantastic view ofSeoul, and you can see a unique night view with a castle.

Palace Tour

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace is filled with its own beauty and historical values. exploring special exhibits and historic sites, you can gain insights into Korean culture and art.
  • Changgyeonggung Palace is one of the royal palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. Built in the 15th century, it served as the residence for kings of the dynasty. Within its grounds are beautiful gardens and elegant buildings, offering a glimpse into traditional Korean architecture and Joseon-era culture.

SM Tower/ Insadong

  • Experience Insa-dong, a special ares where Seoul's history and art coexist. In Insa-dong, where traditional Korean culture and art meet, look for artworks such as classical crafts, hanbok, and paintings that are abundant in each alley.
  • SM Entertainment is a leading entertainment company in South Korea, home to influential K-pop artists. It is known for shaping the Hallyu wave, producing globally recognized music and fostering international stars.

Folk Village

  • Korean Folk Village is a living museum that display elements of traditional Korean life and culture. There are multiple sections to the park, including numerous replicas of traditional houses of the different social classes from various regions. There are typically several cultural performances including Nong-ak play, tightrope play, horseback martial art play, and a traditional wedding.

Ceramic Class

  • Experience the art of pottery at a ceramics studio! Learn traditional techniques from skilled artisans as you mold, shape, and glaze clay into unique creations. Get hands-on guidance to craft your own ceramic masterpiece, whether it's a delicate vase, a decorative bowl, or a personalized mug.

Han River Night Cruise/

Bicycle Tour

  • The Han River Cruise Tour is one of the representative tourist courses where you can enjoy the scenery of Seoul along the Han River. Starting from the center of Seoul, pass through the riverside of the Han River, Yeouido, Namsan Tower, and other various attractions.

National Museum of Korea

  • Since its establishment in 1945, the National Museum of Korea has been committed to various studies and research activities in the fields of archaeology, history, and art, continuously developing a variety of exhibitions and education programs.

Shopping at Myeongdong

  • Meet new fashion and culture in Myeongdong , a representative shopping attraction in Seoul. In Myeongdong, you can find the latest K-POP trends on a street full of trendy fashion and beauty products. .

Nanta Show

  • Nanta is a popular Korean non-verbal comedy show that incorporates traditional samul-nori rhythm. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, pantomime and audience participation. 
  • The unifying element throughout the musical is the use of traditional Korean samul-nori music, which in this case is performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives.


Korean Foods

  • Koren Foods is a traditional Korean meal consisting of an array of small dishes served in a specific order, showcasing a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. It offers a balanced and satisfying dining experience, highlighting the essence of Korean cuisine.

GwangJang Market

  • Gwangjang Market is renowned for its diverse array of street food. From savory delicacies like bindaetteok to sweet treats like hotteok, the market offers a culinary adventure for food enthusiasts. 
  • Visitors can also indulge in traditional Korean dishes like bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables and meat) and kimchi, providing a rich taste of Korean cuisine in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.


  • SamGyeTang is a traditional Korean dish consisting of a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng, jujubes, garlic, and other medicinal herbs. 
  • It is simmered for hours until the chicken becomes tender and infused with rich flavors. Known for its health benefits and nourishing properties, samgyetang is often enjoyed during the hot summer months to replenish energy and boost stamina.

DooKki Tteok-bokki

  • You will get a chance to create their own Tteokbokki, one of Korea's most popular street food. You can freely add ingredients including tteok (rice cake), eomuk (fishball and fish cake), boiled eggs, cabbages, scallions, onions, sausages, cheeses, noodles, etc. Spicy Tteokbokki with gochujang sauce is the most common type but there are various types of Tteokbokki including cream sauce Tteokbokki, soy sauce Tteokbokki, and curry Tteokbokki.


  • Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish consisting of warm rice topped with various sautéed and seasoned vegetables, sliced meat (often beef), a fried egg, and spicy gochujang (red chili pepper paste) sauce. The ingredients are beautifully arranged in a colorful and visually appealing manner. Before eating, diners typically mix all the ingredients together thoroughly to blend the flavors.


  • "Chimaek" is a popular Korean dining culture, combining crispy fried chicken ("chi") with refreshing beer ("maek"). This delicious pairing offers a satisfying and enjoyable experience for casual gatherings or nights out.

Korean Barbecue

  • over charcoal fire as per the traditional recipe, the marinated beef/pork and various side dishes will offer you the best taste of Korean food.
  • Along with Korean BBQ, other different Korean food will be also available, including Naengmyun (Cold noodle), Donjang-jjigae (Soy bean soup), and Gyeran-jjim (Casserole-like steamed egg).



  • "Jjajangmyeon" is a Korean noodle dish with savory black bean sauce, while "jjamppong" is a spicy seafood noodle soup. Both are popular Korean-Chinese dishes, offering rich flavors and satisfying comfort.


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